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ENC Analysis: Sustainable Commercialization of Uzbek Heritage along the Silk Road; a Perspective from the EU

The European Neighborhood Council (ENC) released a new analysis on the tourism development and sustainable commercialization of Uzbekistan’s heritage. 

This article is written by İpek Tekdemir, ENC and European Parliament Advisor for MEP and Secretary General of the EU-Uzbekistan Friendship Group in the European Parliament (EP),  Nazlican Kavukcu and Javida Rahimova.

In light of its extensive historical past, natural surroundings, and delectable cuisine, Uzbekistan has the potential to become a significant tourism destination. In this ENC analysis, the authors examine how the EU may promote the commercialization of Uzbek heritage and the development of sustainable tourism by providing technical and financial assistance to help Uzbek tourism facilities’ efficient use of resources as well as how the recently formed EU-Uzbekistan Friendship Group in the European Parliament (EP) can work in tandem to support the promotion of Uzbek heritage and tourism.


The full analysis is available here.