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ENC In-Depth Podcast: Promoting Equal Opportunities through the EU-funded “Sanarip Insan” (Digital Citizen) project

This ENC in-depth podcast is dedicated to “Promoting Equal Economic Opportunities and Resilience of Youth in the Kyrgyz Republic – Sanarip Insan (Digital Citizen)”, a project that is implemented by the European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) in collaboration with the Public Association “Internet Society Kyrgyzstan Chapter” (ISOC) with the financial support of the EU Delegation in the Kyrgyz Republic. The aim of the project is to provide knowledge of the work of the digital and green economy to young people and women living in rural regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In this in-depth discussion, Samuel Doveri Vesterbye, ENC Managing Director, and Talant Sultanov, co-founder of the Internet Society-Kyrgyz Chapter, talk about, among other topics, the main activities and the progress of the project, the power of digital literacy and the internet in Kyrgyzstan as well as the next steps in terms of training, funding, providing support and media skills.

The “Sanarip Insan” project has been ongoing since 2021 and it directly and practically promotes equal economic opportunity and youth resilience through digital access, media literacy training, support for programming in different languages and has been supporting over 100.000 rural and urban youths in the country with a special focus on young women and local entrepreneurs and civil society.

You can listen the in-depth discussion here: