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ENC Analysis: Algerian Post-Bouteflika Democratisation and EU Security Implications

The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) released its new analysis entitled “Algerian Post – Bouteflika Democratisation and EU Security Implications.’’

The ENC Analysis is written by our Academic Council Member Dr. Ebtisam Hussein who is a tenure holder of Political Science at Cairo University and Associate Professor of Political Science at New Giza University in Egypt.

Nearly three years after the ouster, Algerian democratisation is still grappling with a compelling political reform process and major political challenges such as weakened opposition and the military’s role in civilian politics. Due to its potential negative implications for the EU’s security, it is crucial to examine these challenges preventing the prospect for the democratisation process in Algeria. In this publication, Dr. Hussein discusses the factors that led to the 2019 uprising and the current situation in Algeria while recommending that certain efforts should be examined towards promoting political reform.

The full analysis is available here.


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