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The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC), in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Turkey, the Swedish Consulate in Istanbul and the Economic Development Foundation (IKV) have organised a lecture series in different Turkish Universities on future cooperation between the EU and Turkey, as well as various themes on the future of Europe.

Based on lectures about the Customs Union, digitisation and funding, climate change, and EU values, ENC shows a glimpse of the fruitful experience of the Turkey training Programme. Medeni Sungur talked about the importance of peace in Europe as one of the most treasured and modern socio-cultural values. Next, Emre Ilkan Saklica highlighted the sustainability of democratic institutions in history. Melis Bostanoglu underlined that increasing barriers to trade is not a solution for social inequality issues. Finally, Dr. Tugba Agacayak talked about the increased use of renewable energy in Turkey.




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