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Preparing for a New Blueprint in EU-Turkey Relations?

Samuel Doveri Vesterbye, ENC’s Managing Director, wrote an article on deteriorating EU-Turkey relations.

Turkey’s EU accession has lost its significance over the past decade. Today, distorted incentive mechanisms govern relations between Ankara and Brussels, often altering rational policymaking. It is in the interest of both sides that existing structures remain in place until better ones replace or complement them. In the meantime, change is necessary to correct outdated structures that  encourage rivalry, and turn bilateral and multilateral relations with Turkey into uncalculated time bombs. Although migration and counter-terrorism play an important role, a new blueprint for a sustainable partnership necessitate a wider scope, including business support, trust, and respect for each sides’ priorities. A reformed Customs Union, energy cooperation, and coordination on geo-regional foreign policy areas like Iraq may prove useful.

The full article from the Turkish Policy Quarterly is available in PDF Format here.

Furthermore, the abridged version of the article is available here.

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